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3 Korners LLC, Est. 2019

While restoring a small townhome rental investment property on the east side of Las Vegas in a gated community with an upscale environment, 3 Korners decided to add smart home devices into the budget. Why? It is a simple process and an entirely “do it yourself” product. While shopping for these devices, we received additional education on integrating smart devices—to make one device work you need another device, that’s the law of home automation.

At 3 Korners we piece together packages from different companies based on their unique device performance. We were pleased to open a home automation business and connect home automation devices. Looking at the whole home automation industry, we see every company selling only their products leaving you wondering what type of connection is needed and if other devices are required.

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EST. 2019

We believe that people shouldn’t have to worry about compatibility or different technologies. People should be able to choose any product that they want, one that will work with any device, to make their home into a smart home.

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At 3 Korners, we want to make this experience easy for anyone that wants to get started in the world of home automation.


We combine these smart products into several unique packages that help promote smart, easy living. 

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At 3 Korners, not only do we offer home automation solutions, but we offer unique apparel and accessories options. Shop our  selection now.